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-86C Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers

These Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers series are developed and manufactured in cooperation with KW, Italy and are ideal for storage of biological, pharmaceutical, plasma and other temperature sensitive material in laboratories and blood banks.

The refrigeration system is fully sealed. It uses a cascade circuit with 2 silent, airtight compressors with a high refrigeration capacityto obtain maximum cooling reliability and performance.

Every internal shelf has Evaporation tray to guarantee high refrigeration capacity, very fast cooling (reduced pull down and recovery times) and elevated uniformity of the internal temperature.

  • Silent - noise at a distance of 3 meters does not exceed 55 dB(A)
  • Large-surface condensers with tubeless execution: Unique solution that minimizes thermal resistance
  • Faster recovery of set Temperature after opening the door
  • Triple-step seal in silicone rubber for gasket prevention against air loss
  • Gasket heating by means of the refrigerant pipes - the safest solution against ice formation
  • 2 PT 100 sensors; failure of one of the sensors automatically transfers the regulation to the other, including an alarm event
  • Intelligent controller continues to run a timed thermo stabilization with compressor on/off times collected in case of both sensor failure
  • Sensor placed in the condenser senses insufficient heat exchange situations with warnings in case of condenser obstruction (chocking)
  • Data logger for temperature with ample storage capacity
  • Backlit alphanumeric 2 lines LCD display
  • Compensation valve permitting access to the internal compartment within a few seconds after the previous closing.
  • Pivoting wheels for maximum freezer maneuverability.
  • Password Protected security for on/off, temperature set point
  • Disaster recovery - the freezer continues working with average on/off times recorded before the failure
  • Audio Visual alarms with data logging facility - Gives details of type of alarm with date and time of occurrence
  • High/Low internal temperature alarm, Power failure alarm, Door open alarm, Sensor failure alarm, Condenser obstruction alarm
  1. Kit with pivoting and fixed wheels - facilitate moving the freezer
  2. Triple silicone gasket - for maximum safety against heat loss and minimum power consumption
  3. Hot gas pipe - heats the triple gasket and prevents the formation of frost /ice
  4. Insulation - Polyurethane foam with minimum thickness of 140 mm., for maximum thermal protection and minimum power consumption
  5. Two-stage, CFC- and HCFC-free refrigeration system Environmental friendly
  6. Tubeless two-circuit condenser with a unique design - very high thermal efficiency
  7. Auto-speed, low-noise axial fans - adjustable to the condensation Temperature
  8. 7 days Circular Chart Temperature recorder for recording of internal temperature
  9. Port for remote alarm signals - to make physical connections to external devices
  10. Micro door switch - for open door alarms
  11. Pressure Compensation valve - permits access to the internal compartment within a few seconds after the previous closing
  12. Highly ergonomic closing handle - facilitates easy opening and closing of door
  13. Evaporation tray below each compartment - for the faster cooling and the better uniformity of internal Temperature
  14. Internal chamber in AISI 304 (standard) with rounded edges for easy cleaning and maximum hygiene
  15. Independent Internal counter doors with 20 mm polyurethane foam - better internal Temperature stability, to minimize the opening surface
  16. External door insulated using polyurethane foam (> 110 mm.) for maximum thermal protection and minimum power consumption
  17. Internal-external access holes for cabling

Data Pocket Kit includes: IR transceiver, IR receiver for PC, Cold Master management software.

The controller periodically record and stores the temperature. The data can received and transferred to PC by means of the USB port provided or through Data Pocket transceiver and the serial receiver. The Cold Master supervision software allows downloading and printing [ in graph or table format] of the temperature data. The controller enters the record into two temperature channels. The memory capacity allows making an entry every 20 minutes for approximately 4 months.
Technical Data
  K 58 PL K 60 PL K 64 PL
Internal Volume (Liters) 354 505 706
Number of trays 4 4 4
Internal Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 700 x 460 x 1110 700 x 650 x 1110 800 x 690 x 1280
External Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 960 x 800 x 1880 970 x 960 x 1840 1060 x 1000 x 1990
Minimum Temperature -45°C TO -86°C
Insulation (CFC free polyurethane foam) 180 mm minimum for Body & 110 mm for Door
Temperature control Microprocessor
Display 2 lines, 16 characters, Alphanumeric LCD display
Power Failure Alarm  Audio Visual Alarm
Door Open Alarm Audio Alarm in case door open for over one minute
Internal Body Material Stainless Steel - 304 grade
External Body Material Enamelled Steel
Noise Level Less Than 55 db(A)
Recommended Voltage Stabilizer VS-06
Electrical 220-240 volts, 50Hz, Single Phase
Laboratory Division
Blood Bank Division
Healthcare Division
Asia Pharma Expo
Feb. 23rd to 25th, 2016
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