Barkey Plasmatherm

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Warming Cushion
(liquid filled)

Overcome challenges of conventional product

The Perfect Thawing Solution

  • Suitable for plasma thawing, stem cell thawing & blood bag warming
  • Completely closed system for intact sterility
  • No direct water contact with plasma bag – heat transfer is through warming cushion
  • Reduced chances of plasma & cryo-bags cracking during thawing
  • Sensor with audio-visual alarm to detect bag leakage
  • Convenient single touch operation
  • 5 minutes easy cleaning process
  • Ensures optimum after thawing viability
  • Potentially reduced risk of cross contamination warming and cannot be forgotten, thanks to the transparent cover panels and clear heating cushions

Further benefits at a glance


  • Self-test
  • Language selection set at works on order

The hygiene concept

  • Clear and unambiguous visualisation of dirt and blood residue through light surfaces on device
  • No germ discharge from device into the atmosphere due to circulated air
  • Easy wipe disinfection due to smooth surfaces and rounded corners

The safety concept

  • Full-surface dry temperature regulation
  • Optical and acoustic signal after heating duration is complete
  • Retention of biological quality rating of transfusion material due to heating time limitation
  • Visual check of conserves during temperature control
  • Multiply independent temperature fuses
  • Transfusion compatible warming of blood supplies without movement

Visible hygiene, simple cleaning

  • The Barkey plasmatherm guarantees corrosion-free operation due to its unique fully plastic construction.
  • The bright, smooth surfaces with rounded internal edges make hygiene processes easier. A unique feature is the integrated leak control with moisture sensors which signal leak- age in the conserves by stopping the program and an optical and acoustical signal, which prevents further trans- port to the patient in accordance with transfusion regulations.
  • The white absorbent dry paper makes blood residues from hose connections easily visible and protects the device operator from poss ble contamination.
  • Blood and blood products remain vis- ible during
Parameter Barkey Plasmatherm
Temperature setting +37°c to max. +45°c
Dimensions (WxDxH) 340 x 600 x 320 mm
Weight without flling 18 kg
Filling quantity 9 LTRS
Safety class 1
Certification CE 0123
Mains supply 230V / 50Hz, 60Hz
Country of origin Germany