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Barkey has earned its excellent reputation with
exclusive engineering know-how in medical technology
over the last 30 years. The proverbial quality and
practical suitability of the devices and systems “made
in Germany” has established itself in a wide range of
applications. Real innovations and problem solutions
which provide the user with specific benefits can only
be developed by people who keep their ears and eyes
open, who talk to specialists in practice and recognise
their requirements in good time.

Barkey Sline is an innovative blood & inline IV fluid
warmer, helps in preventing hypothermia in vulnerable
group patients like:

  • Age: Geriatics (>60 Y) Infants (<6m)
  • Medical Conditions: Hypothyroidism, strokes,
    Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, diabetic
    neuropathy, long surgeries, poor nutrition, severe
    arthritis, trauma, severe burns, prolonged ICU
  • Medication: Anti-depressants, anti psychotics.
    sedative, drug abuse, prolonged alcoholism
    Preventive temperature management has significant
    benefits for vulnerable groups, this reduces post
    operative shivering, and recovery time.

Salient Features
  • Patented Auto-Line Technology
    Desired temperature output
  • No recurring cost of disposables
    Silicon warming sleeve to encapsulate IV drip line
  • Precise temperature management For safe blood transfusion
  • Fluid or blood warming till the point of transfusion

Made-to-order technology for medicine

  • Integrated temperature sensors
  • Guaranteed best warming and highest safety.
  • Complete casing of IV-sets and therefore optimum
  • No additional consumer articles
  • Warming of blood return feeds or of dialysis fluids in
    combination with devices for replacement kidney
  • Warming of enteral and/or parenteral nutrition
  • Operational safety thanks to preret target temperature value
  • Display of actual temperature of the heating sleeve
  • Available in a range of diameters
  • Smooth surface, therefore simple to wash and disinfect
  • Use of exclusive biocompatible materials
  • Optical and acoustic signal in fault situation Exclusive innovative technological solutions at the highest quality standards and specialised benefits, in practice this is the basis for the success of the do holistic Barkey’s heating concept.
Technical Specifications
Type Barkey S-line
Temperature Setting 39°C set point temperature ex-works
Heating profile length 1500 mm
Internal diameters available 4.30 mm / 6.55 mm
Weight approx. 1.300 g
Mains Supply 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Connecting Cable 3 m
Safety Class I protection ground Degree of protection BF external and internal application to patients with insulated application parts
Humidity Protection IP X2
Certification CE 0123, ISO 13485:2012
Country of origin Germany