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These are specially designed to meet laboratory requirement of convenient stirring in flask with simultaneous uniform heating by heating mantles. These have two tier constructions with the upper compartment consisting of heating element. Accurate stepless speed control allows smooth variation up to 1200 rpm. Heating energy is controlled by energy regulator.

Technical Specifications
Models Stirring Capacity Healing Capacity External Dlmensions Stirring Paddle (PTFE Coated)
Ltrs Watts (W x D x H)) mm Model x Length
1-RML 1 300 210 x 210 x 205 Q-19 9 x 25 mm
2-RML 2 400  260 x 260 x 240 Q-19A 9 x 35 mm
3-RML 3 500 300 x 300 x 260 Q-20A 13 x 50 mm