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Remi Bench Top Orbital Shaking Incubator Model CIS 18 Plus finds application in researches on bacteria, cultivation, fermentation, hybridization, chemical and biochemical reaction, enzymes and tissues research, which have a high requirement on precision of shaking speed and temperature.

Construction: Its shell is made of engineering plastics through molding with a mechanical oscillating tray driven by a motor fitted at the bottom. The Oscillating locus is circular. The duct plate behind the working chamber is SS thin plate and all the operating keys on the LCD screen are on the front side. Box door Is of a big flap structure made of transparent plastics to facilitate observation, removal or placement of cultures. Closed-loop control of temperature and speed is effected with microcomputer electronic controller using PID regulation mode with LCD screen display. Hot and cold air stream is circulated through a blower behind the duct plate in the working chamber, thereby improving the uniformity of temperature in the working chamber.

Safety Multiple start of compressor in a short time is prevented and the controller performs the function of prolonged start before compressor is started.

When the measured temperature is in excess of the set temperature by 3°C, the buzzer will give an over-temperature alarm and simultaneously the heater will shut down. When the box door opens, the door switch will cut off the power to stop the Heater, blower and rotating fan from work and the operator can remove or place the cultures safely.

Salient Features:
  • Stainless-steel chamber and platform easy to clean
  • Transparent plastic door
  • Microprocessor controller with large LCD screen for temperature and shaking speed with timing function
  • Self-check function easy to identify problems
  • Smooth start and stop system prevents liquid spillage
  • Auto-controller of fan speed to prevent damage to the samples
  • Safety door switch, auto pause operation when it is opened
Technical Data
Model CIS-18 Plus
Shaking Speed Range 20-300rpm
Amplitude 20mm
Temperature Range 4~50°c ±0.5°c
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Timer Range 1hour 99h:59m
Platform Size (mm) 450 x 450
Maximum Shaking Capacity 4x2000ml, 8x1000ml, 11x500ml,
(No. of flasks x Volume)* 12x250ml, 28x100ml, 42x50ml
Load in Tray 10 Kg
Power Consumption 1100w
Recommended Voltage Stabilizer VS 02

Supply: 220-240 volts, 50 Hz single phase