Why Us

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  1. Widest range of products & models under one roof
  2. Customization of products to suit individual customer requirements
  3. Delivering complete & cost-effective solutions for Blood Banking
  4. Strong emphasis on Quality at every stage of manufacturing process
  5. Manufacturing experience of over 50 years
  6. Timely deliveries
  7. Network of over 800 dealers across India
  8. 16 Service centers with more then 100 sales & service engineers
  9. Service excellence you can count on
  10. A customer friendly and a passionately motivated team

Remi is synonymous with Reliability

Driven by a strong motivation to excel, REMI meets stringent quality requirements, which helps us reduce risk and enhance competitive advantage, thus helping our customers march on the path to progress and us to global recognition.
It™s also because of our knowledge bank: REMI products are a result of a combination of expertise in electrical/ electronic/ refrigeration/ mechanical/ packaging fields and we have special consultants for each of these areas.
It™s a matter of pride that we have rock solid relationship with our distributors for over 25 years. We are delighted to say that every time we introduce a new product in the market, it gains immediate acceptance because of the trust we have built in our customers over the years.

Remi has been a leader, both in terms of product manufacturing and product reliability.