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Our key capabilities include:

  1. Domain and process expertise
  2. State-of-the-art infrastructure
  3. Conformance to global standards
  4. Commitment to quality
  5. Scalability
  6. Sound training and development framework
  7. Sophisticated technology
  8. Trained professionals & Experts
  9. Optimum performance Parameters
  10. Stringent and up to mark Quality manufacturing processes
  11. Focus on Customer Service


REMI has a well-established reputation as an innovative and progressive organization at the forefront of identification and branding technology. This reputation is founded on our design lead philosophy and our continued investment in research and development. This tireless focus on design and development generates the breadth and scope of products within REMI that allow us to offer a varied range of products at your service.

  1. New product innovation and development based on customer feedback and demands
  2. Constant Upgradation as per Customer Insights and requirement
  3. Equal weightage on durability, safety and reliability of all the products
  4. Conformance to global industry standards
  5. Adherence to the best practices in manufacturing
  6. Continuous improvement Policy


  1. Manufacturing setup located at Vasai (Out skirts of Mumbai – 40 km. from domestic and international airport)
  2. Massive Production area of over 6000 sq. mtrs.
  3. Completely streamlined production set-up
  4. All major production activities like Sheet Metal fabrication, pre-treatment, powder coating & painting, assembly and testing of the products are done in-house itself
  5. The manufacturing team of more than 300 skilled people
  6. High quality raw materials used in manufacturing process sourced from reputed and reliable vendors and Companies
  7. Easy availability of all spare parts throughout the country

Fabrication shop

  1. In-house value-added process
  2. A hybrid combination of both human labour and automation are used
  3. Functions in tandem with the design and development department

12 tank pre-treatment line

  1. The Plant is designed for pre-treatment of Mild Steel as well as Aluminium components
  2. Zinc Phosphating is used for Mild steel components and Chromating is used for Aluminium components
  3. Both these processes are hot processes meant for high quality pre-treatment

Powder coating

  1. We have two dedicated semi-automatic powder coating plants (in-house) to ensure good quality of coating
  2. Powder coating quality is ensured by subjecting coated sample panels to various checks like DFT, Surface finish, Adhesion, Flexibility and Impact tests

Refrigeration system, manufacturing & testing

  1. The Refrigeration system is designed and selected with extreme care
  2. Optimized for their performance by the compressor manufacturers
  3. Meeting the requirements at extreme operating conditions like 43°C ambient
  4. Design verification by Testing under different climatic conditions
  5. The process ensures product quality and reliability along with environmental safety
  6. Use of CFC free, Ozone friendly refrigerant gases and Foam Blowing Agents to avoid environmental hazards
  7. In-house filling of Polyurethane Foam Insulation using imported chemicals and blowing agents to ensure quality and environmental safety
  8. Leak testing of the refrigeration system after brazing to ensure no leakages in the Brazing joints and components
  9. Dehydration and Evacuation of the system down to an extremely low vacuum to ensure the removal of all moisture and other non-condensable gases prior to charging with refrigerant gas
  10. Prior to process completion, careful charging of refrigerant gas and testing of the Instruments for optimum performance


  1. Strong emphasis on Processes, Quality and Testing to ensure consistent product performance and longer shelf life
  2. Utmost care in quality of components used
  3. Strict vigilance on management and check on the various manufacturing processes
  4. Timely and regularly crafted mechanisms for Quality checks and testing
  5. Continuous improvement systems in place
  6. Dedicated team of 12 inspectors headed by Quality Assurance Manager to ensure raw material and components tested as per the quality plan
  7. Testing and acceptance norms at every stage of the manufacturing process are clearly well defined in our quality management system
  8. The Q.A. department ensures the compliance of manufacturing to the quality management system established by the Company
  9. Special climate control test room, where the instruments that are fitted with refrigeration systems can be type tested for performance
  10. A dedicated cradle for R&D work and development of new models
  11. All instruments & equipment’s used by QA department are periodically calibrated at independent test laboratories
Sr. No. Facility Description
1 Test Room Fully equipped test room with controlled atmospheric conditions of temperature from 23ºC to 43ºC and humidity up to 80% RH
2 Test Equipment Various measuring instruments, gauges etc.
3 Chemical Testing Lab Equipment and facilities for testing of pre-treatment chemicals


  1. Strong Decade old dealer – distributor – supplier and vendor associations
  2. Adherence to stringent supplier evaluation practice
  3. High criterions are laid down for selection of new suppliers
  4. Supplier performance monitored on a regular basis to ensure consistency in performance and quality of material supplied


  1. Sturdy packaging for all our products is designed in a way to withstand all adverse transportation condition
  2. Commitment and assurance of timely and safe delivery of products irrespective of the quantity and destination
  3. Packaging Consultant in place to ensure that the packaging meets the relevant standards
  4. Stringent Drop Tests at our plant to assure safe and reliable packaging of all our products
  5. Scientifically and thoughtfully curated packaging designs to meet the norms and standards of different transport destinations
  6. Adherence to all the standard packaging norms and the norms as prescribed by the export destinations


The essence of a manufacturing company, not only lies in the core manufacturing competencies but also the after sales support provided by the firm to maintain a continued relationship with the customer. At REMI, we ensure a lifelong commitment of relationship with the customer, right from the point of inquiry to the support extended post sales and beyond.

REMI is synonymous to RELIABILITY in the laboratory and healthcare equipment market and our exceptional after sales services have been a key influencing factor in contributing to this prestigious tag bestowed upon us by our customers. We have a trained team of more than 100 people catering to customers’ requirements for installation, demonstration and technical support both during warranty and out of warranty periods. We have 14 branches spanning across the country for catering to the after-sales support requirements of customers belonging to different regions.

Once a REMI customer, wherever you are, you will find our base around you. Our network of branches across India enables us to engage with our customers for any service request and provide support in the shortest possible time.