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Walk-in Chamber REMI Walk in chambers are designed to meet the storage requirements of temperature sensitive biological & pharmaceuticals like whole blood, packed red cells, reagents & kits. Uniform temperature conditions are maintained with the help of internal forced air circulation. The standby refrigeration system (optional) provides uninterrupted functioning. Walk in Chambers are made from pre-fabricated double walled modular panels which are easy to assemble at site. The customization of cabinet & storage shelves can be done as per the user’s requirement.

Temperature Control & Monitoring: Microprocessor integrated system provides excellent temperature accuracy. 7 days circular chart recorder & audio visual alarm system helps to indicate storage conditions continuously.


Salient Features of High Capacity Storage Unit

  • Dual compressor system provides back up in emergency situation (Optional)
  • Auto defrost mechanism to prevent frost
  • Self-diagnosis & display of errors Safety Thermostat for avoiding negative
  • Settable points for
    • High / low temperature alarm point
    • Buzzer off time
  • Audio/Visual alarms for
    • Temperature high / low
    • Power failure (only visual
    • Sensor open / Short
    • Door Open
    • Compressor on (only visual)
    • Power on (only visual)
  • Auto Door Closure
  • Compatibility with REMI XS for wireless data logging

Blood Bank Refrigerator

BR 400/500 are high capacity refrigerator for bulk storage requirement of whole blood and packed red cells. Stand by refrigeration with alternately working compressors provides backup in emergency situations.



Optional Features:

  • Standby Refrigeration
  • Biometric Access
  • Wireless data logging

Touch Screen Display

  • 7″ Multicolored touch screen with user interface
  • Displays temp, alarms, date & time
  • Data logging with multiple option & transfer via Ethernet, USB port
  • PLC (Programmable logic controller) with internal memory of 1500 records
  • Battery backup for display, alarms & off-line data logging
  • Password protected settings for system control & notifications
  • Onscreen access for data logs, temperature graph, system status, troubleshooting, etc.
  • REMI ‘Datasoft’ software for generating various reports, SMS alerts & analysis (Optional)
Technical Specifications
BR 400 Ultra BR 500 Ultra WBR 80 Ultra WBR 100 Ultra
Internal volume (Liters) 700 860 8000 10000
Capacity of blood bags Up to 525 Up to 630 Up to 1000 Up to 1500
Internal dimensions W x D x H (mm) 800 X 860 X 1030 800 x 860 x 1250 2000 x 2000 x 2000 2000 x 2000 x 2500
External dimensions W x D x H (mm) 960 x 1135 x 1840 960 x 1135 x 2160 2160 x 2950 x 2160 2160 x 2950 x 2660
Temperature range & accuracy 2° C to 6° C, Accuracy: ±1°C
Internal body material Stainless steel 304 grade
External body material Powder coated CRCA steel
Insulation 80 mm, CFC free polyurethane foam 80 mm minimum, CFC free polyurethane foam
Display 7″ Touch Screen
Illumination Fluorescent tubes
Control & display Microprocessor based PLC control system
Audio visual alarm Temperature Hi/Low, Door Open, Power Failure
Recorder Seven days circular chart recorder
Battery backup (Controller) Rechargeable, maintenance free battery for display, alarm system & temperature recorder
Recommended voltage stabilizer VS 05
Electrical 220-240 volts, 50Hz, Single Phase