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REMI Cooling Incubators are designed for applications in pharmaceutical, microbiology, biotechnology, chemical & research labs. These chambers are used for BOD test culture of bacteria, microorganism, tissue culture, incubation, immunological work & storage of vaccines etc.

These incubators are available in standard & GMP versions

Salient Features
  • Temperature range 0°C to 60°C
  • Unique design of thermal barrier for better energy efficiency
  • Machine filled PUF insulation to eliminate void pockets
  • Powerful fan motor for forced air circulation to maintain uniform conditions inside chamber
  • Heating by long life SS tubular heaters
  • Chamber calibration port on side
  • Adjustable trays
  • Hermetically sealed Compressor with CFC free refrigerant
  • High temperature safety cut off & alarms for high / low set parameters
  • Sensor failure alarm
  • Electrical circuit breaker
  • Time delay for compressor switch on
  • Overload cut off relay for compressor
  • Rounded inner chamber for easy cleaning
  • Attractive door profile
  • Microprocessor controller with LED display of Temperature with set, process value & audio visual alarm (standard)
  • CLS (Custom Logical Safe) control system with logical safety devices.
  • Optional
    • 4″ LCD display with additional features (Details overleaf)
    • Touch screen display ( TFT ) with additional features(Details overleaf)
    • Validation protocol with IQ, OQ, PQ Documentation

LCD Display

  • 4 Inch attractive LCD display
  • Intelligent Controller helps maintain temperature in case of sensor failure
  • Battery Backup for Temperature Controller
  • Auto tuning of controller
  • Self-Diagnosis for errors
  • Histogram format of 24 hours temperature recording
  • Power failure and resumption recorded with date and time
  • Settable High / low alarm points
  • Memory for storage of upto 1000 records
  • Centronic interface to record Temperature, Date, & Time by attaching Dot Matrix printer with adjustable print interval
  • Alarm on equipment / output for remote alarm
  • PC communication through RS-485 with data acquisition software
  • Remi Datasoft Data acquisition software complying to 21 CFR part “Datasoft”™ 11 as per USFDA Guidelines (optional)

REMI ‘Data Soft’

  • Multiple level alpha numerical password with password ageing
  • Secured audit trail report
  • Alarm report with mention of alarm condition
  • Mean Kinetic Temperature able to be calculated for any days& alarm deviation report
  • Reports in graphical and tabular form
  • Data Stored in PC server with Lan connectivity and can be monitored on PC with password authentication
  • Multi chamber data acquisition on single software
  • Communication through RS 485 / TCP IP
  • GSM Mobile Alert for six Numbers

Touch Screen Display

  • 7 inch big colour touch screen
  • PLC (Programable logic controller)
  • Memory of 10,000 records
  • Centronic interface to record Temperature, Date & Time by attaching Dot Matrix printer with adjustable print interval
  • PC communication through REMI Datasoft
  • Ethernet port
  • Battery backup in case of power failure for display, alarms & off-line data logging (optional)
  • Programmable cyclic timer for controlling illumination conditions

Optional Accessories

  • Chamber illumination with the help of 2 Nos. fluorescent tubes
  • Chamber illumination with 2 Nos. ultra violet lights
  • 24 hours Cyclic Timer for regulating illumination conditions
  • Data logger for 8 Point temperature recording with sensor printer interface and software
  • Seven days circular chart recorder
  • Software as per 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • PLC Based Control System with HMI Touch Screen
  • Biometrics Magnetic Door Access for Secured Door opening with software to maintain log
  • Validation (mapping) consist of one cycle for temperature at any one set point for 24 hours on empty and loaded condition
  • Standby Refrigeration System
  • GSM alert through SIM card
Technical Specifications
CI-6 Plus CI-10 Plus CI-12 Plus CI-16 Plus CI-19 Plus CI-28 Plus CI-35 Plus
Internal Volume (Litres) 200 280 370 450 540 800 1000
Number of tray 2 3 4 5 6 6 7
Internal Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 660 x 655 x 450 660 x 655 x 650 660 x 655 x 850 660 x 655 x 1050 660 x 655 x 1250 800 x 800 x 1250 800 x 800 x 1580
External Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 800 x 1095 x 1020 800 x 1095 x 1220 800 x 1095 x 1420 800 x 1095 x 1620 800 x 1095 x 1820 960 x 1370 x 1950 960 x 1370 x 270
Temperature Range & Accuracy 0°C to 60°C, ± 0.1°C
Temperature control Microprocessor with PT-100 sensor
Display 1″ – 7 Segment, Big Size LED
Power Failure Alarm Visual Alarm
Door Open Alarm Audio Visual Alarm in case door open for over one minute
Temperature Variation Alarm Set Temperature ± 2°C, Audio Visual Alarm
Illumination 8 Watts Fluorescent Tube
Internal Body Material Stainless Steel – 304 grade (Standard Models), Stainless Steel – 316 grade (GMP Models)
External Body Material Powder Coated CRCA Steel (Standard Models), Stainless Steel – 304 grade (GMP Models)
Insulation 70 mm minimum for Body & 80 mm for Door, CFC free polyurethane foam
Noise Level Less Than 65 db(A)
Recommended Voltage Stabilizer VS-02 VS-02 VS-02 VS-03 VS-03 VS-06 VS-06