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KPR-70 Plus

KPR -70 Plus is a new generation Centrifuge with built in system for storage of centrifugation data. These Centrifuges are used in clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, research laboratories, general biochemical work etc.

Advance manufacturing techniques are used for mounting of new Brushless induction drive motor resulting in low level of vibration and noise with smooth acceleration / deceleration. The durable high capacity refrigeration system maintains precise operating temperature.

Microprocessor Controller

KPR – 70 Plus has user-friendly controls that make setup & Operation mode simple like Setting of RPM or RCF, Temperature, Timer, Acceleration, Deceleration etc. Soft touch keypad with large LCO display panel is located at the front.

KPR 70 plus stores & recalls up to 51 programs that can be programmed. User friendly microprocessor controller allows interactive menu driven programming & keeps the operator continously informed of the centrifuge operation status.

Unique facility for setting and controlling the centrifuge run either by rpm [speed] or RCF [g force], eliminating the need of calculations & can set timer from 1 minute to 99 minutes Si also has 10 Acceleration & 9 Deceleration profiles for smooth &. jerk free run for optimum yield under different applications.

Data Acquisition System

KPR-70 Plus has a built in system to collect all data of the centrifugation process. The data from the centrifuge transferred to Personal Computer using a data interface like Operator code, process type, Time, Temp., RPM, RCF, Acceleration, Deceleration & Status of the process etc. can be acquired.

Salient Features:
  • Menu driven 51 program memory
  • Programmable centrifugation parameters for accurate control
  • Tamper proof memory
  • Lid closing & opening with the help of Gas Hinges.
  • Safety lid-interlock to prevent cover opening during centrifugation
  • Unbalance cut-off with indication
  • Simultaneous display of set & run parameters
Technical Data
Models KPR-70 PLUS
Max. Speed rpm 4400
Max. rcf ‘B’ 5230
WXDXH mm 805 X 905 X 960
Lowest Temp. °C 0
Connected load KVA 6
Voltage Stabilizer Model VS – 06
Rotor Heads Listing
Models Description Speed (rpm) RCF ‘g’
K-731 6 place wind shield swing out rotor with a set of 6 metal carriers each with
capacity of 1000 ml. suitable for bottles with 1000 ml polypropylene bottles.
4200 5230
Angle Rotors
K-905 Angle rotor 6 x 500 ml with polypropylene bottles 4400 3780
K-906 Angle rotor 8 x 250 ml with polypropylene tubes 4400 3700
K-907 Angle rotor 12 x 100 ml with polypropylene tubes. 4400 3520
K-908 Angle rotor 16 x 50 ml with polypropylene tubes. 4400 3570
K-909 Angle rotor 36 x 25 ml with polypropylene tubes 4400 3610
K-910 Angle rotor 72 x 15 ml with polypropylene tubes. 4400 3630