Motorless Magnetic Stirrers

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Ultra – flat compact magnetic stirrer, guaranteed with modern magnet coil technology. Wear- free with no moving parts. To ensure better mixing, the lab disc can reverse direction of rotation automatically every 30 seconds.

Salient Features
  • No moving parts – truly maintenance free
  • Low aspect ratio (just 12 mm thick)
  • Software driven gradual acceleration
  • Adjustable speed (15 to 1500 RPM) with digital display
  • Microprocessor controlled with last run memory feature
  • Stirring cap. 800 ml – set up place of 100 mm
  • Pulse mode – reverses the direction every 30 secs for proper mixing
  • Universal power supply – small wall mount adaptor
  • IP 65 compliant design (Water spill resistant)
  • Corrosion resistant SS top surface to fight harsh chemicals
  • Recommended Stir bar length 25 mm
  • Supplied with 1 (one) high strength stir bar
Technical Specifications
Specifications MS-800 PLUS
Max RPM 1500 RPM
Speed Setting 15 to 1500 RPM (at every 50 RPM)
Set – up plate material Stainless Steel
Speed indicator Yes
Permissible ambient temperature [°C] 5 – 40
Permissible relative humidity [%] 80
Voltage [V] 220 – 240
Frequency [Hz] 80
Load capacity (Water) 800 ml
Recommended Stir bar length 25 mm
Pulse function Yes
Sync Mode NO
Last run memory Yes
Dimensions (W X D X H) 120 x 164 x 12 mm
Weight 400 gm
Protection Class IP65 compliant design (Water spill resistant)