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NEYA….. a new concept….. a new generation

Derived from the Hindi word “NAYA” which means “new”, “novelty”, “innovation”, “NEYA” is the name given to the new generation of centrifuges recently developed by REMI.
REMI, market leader in centrifuges with over 55 years of manufacturing experience, combined with European design and style, makes a perfect combination to develop and present the whole range of “NEYA” centrifuges with performance nd characteristics suitable or all the operational needs of modern laboratories.
SIt is with these premises, we are pleased to present the new range of “NEYA” Centrifuge.

  • Automatic rotor detection, check of presence of accessories and compatibility with maximum speed
  • Safety speed limiter function
  • 10 storable programs with protection function
  • Setting of speed in RPM and RCF
  • Short Spin function and precool (NEYA 10R)
  • Temperature range from 0°C to +40°C (NEYA 10R)
  • Controlled by microprocessor and backlit color LCD display with contemporary visualization of all parameters
  • Digital adjustment of acceleration and deceleration levels
  • Stainless steel internal bowl with optimal height for loading and of samples
  • Imbalance detection system with automatic functioning stop to avoid accidents
  • Automatic locking system of the lid
  • Safety opening of the lid in case of power failure
  • Brushless motor maintenance free and no carbon deposits
  • Construction in accordance with European directives

maximum capacity 4 x 175 ml
maximum speed 6000 rpm



Technical Specifications
Features NEYA-10 NEYA-10R
Maximum capacity 4 x 175 ml (swing out) – 6 x 100 ml (fixed angle)
Maximum speed 4500 rpm (swing out) – 6000 rpm (fixed angle)
Setting RPM Yes
Setting RCF Yes
Display RCF Yes
Timer 00:30 to 99:50 (mm:ss) and continuous mode
Date and Time Yes
Acceleration levels 0-9 (0 = min – 9 = max)
Deceleration levels 0-9 (0 = min – 9 = max)
Temperature range 0°C to +40°C
Precool function Yes
Display temperature Yes (°C and °F)
Spin function Yes
Programs 10 programs with protection function
Indication of rotor Yes
Noise 55 dB 55 dB
Directive / Standard IEC 61010-1 ; IEC 61010-2-020
External dimensions WxDxH/Weight 450 x 590 x 330 mm / 40 Kg 730 x 640 x 330 mm / 70 Kg
Recommended Voltage Stabilizer VS-02
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