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Omni Card 12c
Efficiently Flexible

Omni Card 12i
Efficiently Flexible

REMI Omnicard is an efficiently flexible gel card system
provides you freedom to select multiple suppliers of gel cards
with replicating standard results. It provides you option to
set the respective run parameters of centrifugation &
incubation to get standard Column Agglutination results.

Omnicard 12c is universal gel card centrifuge which fits all
types of gel cards, with flexible 10 program setting (with
speed & time) including one sequential program.

Omnicard 12i is universal gel card incubator which fits all
types of gel cards with flexible temp. & time setting.
Additional dry bath slots for 5-7 ml test tubes makes it
helpful in tube agglutination methods also.

Salient Features
OmniCard 12c
  • Centrifugation of 12 Gel cards.
  • Digital user interface screen provided for control
    and visualization of rpm and time.
  • Maximum speed 1600 rpm.
  • Maximum RCF 279g±1%
  • 8 open program for setting RPM, Time,
    Aceleration & Deceleration with additional two
    sequential sets of parameters
  • Audio-Visual alarm provided for Imbalance & End of
  • Universal for all types of standard gel cards.
  • Speed control through VFD and dynamic brake
  • Light weight yet robust design.
  • Ergonomically designed shape for ease of operation
  • Single Hand Rotor removal for cleaning
Salient Features
OmniCard 12i
  • Incubation of 12 Gel cards & 12 test tubes
  • Digital user interface screen provided for control
    and visualization of remaining incubation time and
    real temperature.
  • Fixed Pre-set temperature 37°C (Pre heating
    within 8 minutes)
  • Fixed pre-set incubation time of 15 minutes and
    can be adjustable from 0 to 60 min.
  • Audio-Visual alarm provided for High/Low
    temperature & End of Cycle.
  • Auto Pop-up Card Mechanism, when lid opened.
    Light weight yet robust design.

Technical Specifications
Parameter OmniCard 12c OmniCard 12i
Programs Adjustable RPM & Time
as specified by Gel card Supplier
Adjustable incubation Temperature & Time
as specified by Gel card Supplier
Run specification Max Speed : 1600+10 RPM
Max RCF : 279+1% g
37°C ±1°C
Adjustable time up to 60 minutes
Net Weight 18 Kg. 4 Kg.
L x D x H 420 x 320 x 286 mm 300 x 250 x 150 mm
Audio Visual Alarms Imbalance & End of cycle High-low temperature, End of cycle
Capacity 12 Gel cards
User interface LCD Display with Touch key pad
Electrical 220-240 volts, 50 Hz, SINGLE PHASE