Portable Donor Chair

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REMI Portable Donor Chair model PDC 1X. specially designed for blood donation camps to provide comfort and safety to the blood donors.

  • Ergonomic robust design
  • Stable & aesthetically beautiful
  • Complete construct with stainless steel
  • Highquality anti bacterial fabric
  • Foldable for easy transport
  • Adjustable safety belt for patient safety
  • Towel bar at top
  • 15kg light weight for easy transportaton
  • IV Stand optional (standalonel)
  • Comfortable seating
  • Trendelenburg (Head lowl & Reverse-Trendelenburg (Sitting Posture) positon
  • Elegant ergonomic knobs for the hand rest adjustment
  • Adjustable head rest positions for easy phlebotomy
  • Elegant ergonomic knob for handrest adjustment
  • Adjustable hand rest positions (Up / down and horizontal/circular)
  • Comfortable molded foamed hand rests
Technical Specifications
Model PDC 1X
Seat width 600 mm
Length 1700 mm
Seat Height from floor 1300 mm
Weight Capacity 150 kg
Hand rest dimension (W x L mm) 150 X 450
Net Weight 15 kg