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RQS A is an automated tube stripper for smooth & effortless stripping of blood bag tubes. The proper mixing of blood present in the tube with the entire content of blood bag helps in anticoagulation of blood in the tubing, prior to preparing segments. This is an integral & important process during blood collection & quality component preparation.
The ergonomically designed hand held automated tube stripper helps in improving compliance as manual tube stripping makes technician’s prone to wrist injuries due to ergonomic causes. The automation also helps in standardization of the process & adherence to the SOP’s. The battery backup for 1000 cycles in RQS-A makes it an ideal choice for blood donation camps.

Salient Feature
  • Motorized metallic roller & one free roller for smooth tube stripping
  • Designed for easy manual operation with convenience
  • Easy to use hand roller
  • Portable battery pack, backup 1000 cycles
  • Automatically strips tube once the metallic handle is pressed
  • Uniform radial force across the tube-prevents abrupt manual pressure
  • Audio vishual alarm for over load protection
  • Guiding groove for correct tubing position, fed through rollers
  • Suitable for all commercially available blood bags
Technical Specifications
Parameters RQS A
Overall Dimensions (LXBXH) 180 x 68 x 85mm
Max Tube Diameter 6.5 mm
Stripping wheel diameter 33.5 mm
Max Stripping Speed 325 RPM
Weight without power module 600 gm
Battery backup 1000 cycles
Operating Temperature 0 to 40°C
Input Supply 110 – 240 V