Thawing Bath for Thawing of Plasma

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CB 704

CB 705

REMI Thawing bath offer quick and optimum thawing of plasma at required temperature levels.
Available in two variants Refrigerated & Non-Refrigerated
CB 704, is a refrigerated thawing bath for preparation of cryoprecipitate at required temperature of 4°C
CB-705, is a non-refrigerated thawing bath for quick thawing of plasma at required temperature of 37°C.

Saliant Features:
  • Microprocessor based precise temperature control
  • High performance 1.5 kw heater & compressor to achieve the set temp
  • Over temperature safety limit, audio visual alarm
  • LED monitor to display the working status of thawing bath
  • Continuous water circulation for temp uniformity & rapid thawing
  • Audio visual alarm after elapsed time
  • Capacity to thaw 15 plasma bags
Technical Specifications
Parameter CB-704 CB-705
Temperature +4°C & + 37°C(accurancy ±02C) + 37°C (accuracy ± 0.2°C)
External Dimensions W x D x H (mm) 910 x 600 x 1090 760 x 530 x 640
Thawing Timer Adjustable up to 2 Hrs
Internal Body Material Stainless Steel AISI 304 Grade
External Body Material Powder Coated CRCA Steel
Noise Level Less Than 65 db(A)
Recommended Line Voltage Corrector 3 KVA
Electrical 220-240 Volts, 50 Hz, Single Phase