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Tube Roller Mixer

SeroRoll 6

SeroRoll-6 is specially designed to achieve uniform consistency in the serological samples, eventually helps in increasing the sensitivity of the planned testing. Rolling bed of Seroroll-6 is designed to mix all size samples in blood sample tubes, falcon tubes®,culture bottle etc.

Salient Features

  • Gentle ROCKING and ROLLING system for optimum mixing
  • Suitable for mixing blood sample and viscous substance
  • Brushless DC motor for quiet operation and maintenance free long life
  • Removable rollers for proper cleaning
  • Adjustable roller rod spacing to hold different diameter tubes
  • Adjustable Speed ranging from 10 to 100 RPM
  • Adjustable timer ranging from 1 min to 99 mins and infinite Pulse mode
  • Error indication for overloading of samples
Technical Specifications
Specification Seroroll 6
Motor type BLDC motor
Motion Rocking & Rolling
Max. Loading capacity 2 Kg
Number of tubes 15 x 7m1 Blood
Roller size 30 x 327 mm
Speed range 10 to 100 RPM
Timer range 1 to 99 mins
Operation type Continuous & timed operation
Tilt angle +3°
Electrical 220-240V, 50 Hz, Single Phase