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REMI Blood Collection & Transportation Van

REMI Blood Collection & Transportation Van – “Your Partner in Safe Blood Collection to Safe Transportation”Fully equipped to conduct safe blood donation camps & safe blood transportation, REMI BCTV offers pleasant experience for blood donors.


*Entire layout of REMI BCTV is designed for making best use of available space. Customized for making workflow easy & keeping the operation trouble-free
*Specialized team of designers & technical collaboration with experienced & authorised body fabricators of Tata Motors & Force Motors
*State of the art Fabrication Technology & facility to provide sturdy reinforced body.
*Entry / Exit from co-driver side helps in optimizing the space for ease of operation & control
*Interior Design & Layout ensures wonderful experience for Donors & Technical staff
• Pleasant aesthetics with PU painted sturdy aluminum compressed interiors
Washable & Waterproof Vinyl covering for hygiene & cleanliness
• Air Conditioned cabin with DC / AC coach fans for efficient temperature management
• Windows with screened glasses / beautiful shades for donors privacy
• Adequate Lighting (AC/DC LED) for comfortable operations
• Easy storage of equipments & consumables with sufficient overhead space

For more details you can visit www.remilabworld.com

Email – mktg@remlilabworld.com