The novel strain, acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-COV-2), has affected the lives of millions of people across the globe. Testing of patients has been a challenge for the entire global healthcare community since the outbreak began in December 2019. With the sharp ascending numbers in covid cases, Government has already started taking steps to scale up testing facilities for Covid-19. “Since testing, tracking and treatment is the only way to prevent the spread of infection and save lives, it is imperative that testing should be made widely available to all symptomatic individuals in every part of the country and contact tracing mechanisms for containment of infection are further strengthened,” said latest advisory of ICMR on Covid-19 strategies. Currently, for detection of COVID 19 Antigen Test & rRT-PCR test are being widely done. Centrifugation is an important part of this testing process; it is used for separating components in biological samples. We at REMI, provide centrifuges that are key essentials in the sample testing of Covid results. These products are primarily used in testing labs for various stages of viral RNA separation & amplification. REMI range of Refrigerated & Non-Refrigerated Micro Centrifuges like Neya 16 R, CPR 24i Plus, RM03 Plus, RM12C Plus etc are used for processing samples in Micro-tubes, PCR strips & Micrometer Plates. We at REMI, are in constant endeavour to manufacture and upscale products that can simplify the testing processes and thus help ease the battle with COVID.

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