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PI 10 Ultra

PI 10 Ultra

Platelet Incubator

Ultra range of REMI Platelet Incubator & Agitator are specially designed to meet the storage requirements of Platelet concentrate.

Temperature Control & Monitoring:

Microprocessor integrated system provides excellent temperature accuracy. 7 days inkless electronic chart recorder with digital display & audio visual alarm system helps to indicate disturbance in storage conditions.

Intelligent Controller

In case of temperature controller failure, innovative “Clever-Chip” automatically takes control for continued operations.

Salient Features :
  • Refrigeration & precision pulse heating for achieving 22°C (± 1°C)
  • Forced air circulation for temperature uniformity
  • Bacteria resistant powder coated exterior with high grade stainless steel Interior
  • LCD display of temperature, real date, real time, temperature histogram etc.
  • Smart Handle with LED door closure indication
  • Auto stop / start feature pauses agitation when incubator door is opened
  • Safety Thermostat to prevent -ve & +ve temperature in additional to microprocessor controller
  • Swivel lockable castors with floor standing jacks
  • Triple pane tempered glass door
  • USB Facility for Data download
  • Frost free performance
Technical Specifications
Particulars PI-10 Ultra
Temperature controller Microprocessor
Audio Visual Alarms:
Agitator Motion fault
Power failure
Compressor run (visual)
Temperature Hi/Low (±2°C)
Door open
Temperature (CFC free Refrigerant)


22 (Deviation ± 0.5)
Setting Accuracy


Internal Volume


Internal Dimension (W X D X H)


540 X 520 X 634
External Dimension (W X D X H)


640 X 685 X 1185
Insulation Thickness


50 mm
Recorder Seven days chart recorder
Battery Backup (Controller) Rechargeable, 8 Hrs
(Display, Recorder, Alarm system)
Electrical 220 – 240 volts, 50 Hz, Single Phase

LCD Display

  • 4 Inch attractive LCD display
  • Intelligent Controller helps maintain temperature in case of sensor failure
  • Battery Backup for Temperature Controller
  • Displays temp, alarms, date & time
  • Onscreen access for last 24 Hrs data logs, temp. histogram & system status
  • Auto tuning of controller
  • Settable High / low alarm points
  • Memory for storage of upto 5 years
  • Alarm on equipment / output for remote alarm
  • PC communication through RS-485 with data acquisition software
  • REMI ‘Datasoft’ software for generating various reports, SMS alerts & analysis (Optional)


Platelet Agitator – PR 10 Ultra

  • Easy Pull out, adjustable shelves ensures inventory management
  • Perforated flatbed corrision resistant shelves for uniform air circulation
  • Robust motorized slide for effective 24X7 continuous jerk free agitation by heavy duty geared motor
  • Fixed speed agitation with optimum amplitude for better viability of platelets
  • Push Button for Agitator Pause
  • For easy fitment in Plated Incubator Model PI-10 Ultra
Technical Specifications
Particulars PR-10 Ultra
Agitator control Microprocessor
Stokes (adjustable) Per min 70 to 80
Amplitude mm 38 ± 2
Dimension mm 440 X 410 X 395
Trays Number 9
Capacity Platelet bags (RDP) 54