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KBM 80 Plus is the new generation microprocessor controlled blood bank centrifuge with forward thinking design and technology. Ideally used for centrifugation of whole blood for components separation like packed red cells, platelet rich plasma, platelet concentrate, cryoprecipitate and buffy coat etc.

Advance manufacturing techniques are used for mounting of brushless induction drive motor in PUF insulated, corrosion free, stainless steel armored chamber, resulting in minimized vibration and noise level. The smooth acceleration / deceleration helps in clear separation thus ensuring high quality component yield.

This centrifuge cater to the requirements of small, medium & large blood centers with flexibility to choose from 3 rotor options. The rotors are designed to accommodate specific type of oval shaped metal buckets & plastic carriers for holding six, eight & twelve blood bags of different volumes & configuration like 350 ml / 450ml, double / triple / quadruple, penta bags & inline-filter (quintuple) blood bags.

User-friendly software & controls helps in ease of operation. There is a unique facility for setting & controlling the centrifuge run either by RPM (speed) or RCF (g force) thus eliminating the need of manual calculations. Interactive menu driven program guides the operator through the setting process of run parameters & also the operational status while centrifuge is running.

Specially designed wind shielded rotors reduces friction which helps in energy saving & better temperature management. Advanced imbalance sensor neutralize 90g loading imbalance.

KBM BO Plus comes with 2 variants

  • 1.LCO Version
  • 2.TFTVersion

Additional Features of TFT VERSION

  • User interface with onboard setting & controls
  • Single admin & 20 user profiles with identical password protected access
  • Display set & run parameter with realtime run graph
  • Error notification & Troubleshooting guide
  • On-board run logging of user, run
  • Integrated clever sensor for rotor identification with auto adjusted RPM/RCF conversion specific to rotor
  • Onscreen manual & tutorial process guide
  • Enables remote monitoring with casting live screen on mobile phone (Optional)


  • Speed holding accuracy +/- 10 RPM
  • 9 acceleration & 10 deceleration profiles including coasting
  • Temperature range from -20°C to +40°C
  • Low noise level (≤ 55db)
  • Choice of 3 wind-shielded rotors to process 6, 8 & 12 blood bags per cycle
  • Tropicalized to run from 0°C to 40°C & RH up to 95%

Leading Technology

  • Brush-less induction motor with frequency drive, practically maintenance free
  • Advanced user friendly microprocessor control
  • 99 programs memory & pre cooling
  • Sequential program of speed, time & temperature with four sub programs
  • Programmable centrifugation parameters for accurate control
  • On board real time data logging, connectivity via RS 232 port
  • Dedicated software for data analysis & reports

User Friendly

  • Facility to set and indicate RPM or RCF
  • Simultaneous display of set & run parameters
  • Self-diagnosis of program errors
  • Microprocessor controlled automatic lid opening with touch button
  • Log of latest 50 run records on LCD display
  • Display of real time & Date
  • Castor wheels with floor standing jacks for vibration free run
  • Emergency lid opening provision in case of power failure


  • Safety interlock to prevent lid opening during centrifugation
  • Imbalance cut-off with indication
  • Safety key lock to prevent unauthorized use
  • Rotor over speed protection
  • Alarms for imbalance, lid open, over temperature
  • Password protection for authorized access
  • Tamper proof memory & last program recall
  • Automatic Rotor identification & indication



REMI KBM 80 Plus meets the component separation guidelines by AABB & DGHS

Important Parameter for Quality Components Procedural
(as per AABB & DGHS manual)*
Technical Features
KBM 80 Plus
Centrifugal Force (RCF) 5000 g
Heavy spin – Max. RC
Up to 6000 g
Temperature Range Need temperature 22 C+2 C to run PRP
0 method & Buffycoat method & 4 C to run
FFP & Cryoprecipitate method
Achieves both desired temperature of
22°C & 4°C with accuracy of ±1°C
along with setting range of -20 C to +40 C
Calibration Must be calibrated for speed & Time for
various component preparation
Special eyelet window for quick calibration
Imbalance Contents in opposing cups must be equal in
weight to improve centrifuge efficiency
Imbalance Cutoff with indication to ensure
component quality as well as safety


Data Acquisition System

These centrifuges have inbuilt system to collect & store all data related to centrifugation process like operator code, process type, time, temp, RPM, RCF, acceleration, deceleration & process status etc. The data from the centrifuge can be transferred to a computer using a data interface. This data can be used by blood centers for quality analysis & control.

Customized Software for Data analysis

ModelCIS-18 Plus

Technical Specifications
Parameter Unit KBM 80 Plus
LCD Version TFT Version
Process controls Type Bi-directional encoder HMI Touch Screen
Menu driven program Nos 99 400 (20 identical programs for each of 20 users)
Acceleration profile Steps 1 – 9 1 – 15
Deceleration profile Steps 1- 9 & coasting 1 – 15
Max. speed RPM 4200 settable ±10 RPM 4200 settable ±10 RPM
Max. RCF g 6000 6300
Max time hh:min 0 to 99 hr 59 min 0 to 99 hr 59 min
Compatible Rotors Code K 711/M, K741, K751 K 711x/M, K741x, K751x
Dimension ( W X D X H) mm 840 X 940 X 950
Recommended line voltage
Compliance IEC 61010-1:2016, EN 60601-1,EN 60601-1-2, CE, US FDA

Supply : 220-240 volts, 50Hz, Single phase