Serology Centrifuge

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Grading of weak agglutination reactions… …possible by precise & quick spi

Rightly packed RBC button has sharp edges – clear background – easy re-suspension


Quickly grades agglutination reactions within 15 seconds

Versatile centrifuge for quick, innovative cell washing & testing
  • Blood typing
  • Cross matching
  • Genotyping
  • Phenotyping
  • Coombs testing
  • Manual cell washing
Salient Features:
  • Single hand removal of rotor head from spindle
  • Retainer silicon ring to hold the tubes firmly with rotor
  • The interchangeable heads work like holders, avoids individual handling while
    • Sample filling
    • Sample centrifugation
    • Sample incubation
    • Sample emptying or pouring off
  • Sample tube position
    • In Motion: Swing out to an angle of 45° – For quick cell deposition
    • At Rest: Resume a vertical position “ For easy pouring off supernatant solution after button is formed
  • Tube positions are numbered for quick identification
  • Easy cell washing : Supernatant solution can be poured off from all the tubes simultaneously by inverting rotor head
  • Easy switch over for preset stable speed of 400g & 1000g with switch over button
  • Quick time setting in seconds & minutes
  • Contoured ABS steel enforced body
  • Stable speed output even under unstable voltage conditions
  • Double armoured break proof protection for inner chamber
  • Preset acceleration & deceleration for quick operations
  • Buzzer on alarm for process status
  • Door interlock
  • Last parameter recall

Technical Specifications
Parameters QuikFuge
Controller Microprocessor based
Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm 330 x 270 x 295
Rotor 5 ml x 12 nos & 10ml x 6 nos
Tube dimensions dia 12, Length 75 mm & dia 13, Length 100 mm
Display LED
RCF Preset 1000g (High) & 400g (Low)
Timer 5Sec to 9 minutes
Brake High
Weight (kg) 20
Electrical 220-240 Volts, 50 Hz, SINGLE PHASE