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Hemodialysis Chair / Chemotherapy Chair / Therapeutic Chairs

The innovative design of the Dzire 2X / 3X Therapeutic Chair underlines the high quality Standards. The comfortable upholstery creates a pleasant environment and feeling of wellbeing for patients.
Three electric motors offer simple and smooth movements of all desired positions further adding to patient relaxation whilst receiving treatment.
The remote control provides greater flexibility as all desired chair positions can be adjusted easily.

Xtreme Comfort
  • Specially designed for comfortable physiological posture
  • Non deformable Soft PU foam
  • Dual padded Back Cushion
  • Adjustable Head Support
  • Vertical & horizontal armrest movement
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable Posture
  • Height adjustment -user friendly for clinical team
  • Smooth back rest and foot rest movement

Xtreme Safety
  • Single touch button for shock position – ensures patient safety
  • Anti-static, Anti-skid, Dual lock PU castors
  • Sturdy, stable & non-tilt design capable to take weight up to 200 kg

Xtreme Hygiene
  • Removable cushions for cleaning & maintenance
  • Epoxy powder coated robust Frame with rounded corners
  • Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, easy to clean upholstery
  • Elegant, easy to clean ABS moulded cover to prevent dust accumulation on mechanism

  1. Head rest adjustable for any comfortable position
  2. Cushioned body supports for extra comfort
  3. Movable [horizontal & vertical) fully padded broad armrests with glass holders
  4. Adjustable foot rest with removable transparent plastic cover
  5. Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial, easy to clean leatherette upholstery
  6. Sturdy & stable steel construction, allows load carrying capacity up to 200 kg
  7. Best in class Dual lock, Anti-skid, Anti-static PU castors
  8. Tissue paper/Towel holder
  9. 2/3 independent motors for height, back & foot movements
  10. Infusion stand, adjustable both sides (with set of 3 trays -optional]

Technical Specifications
Parameter Dzire 2X Dzire 3X Dzire 4X
No of Motors / Actuators 2 3 4
Motorized movement Leg rest, Back rest Leg rest, Back rest, Height adjustment Leg rest, Back rest, Height adjustment, Foot rest
Foot rest Spring loaded & Self-adjustable with removable cover Motorized with removable cover
Wheels Anti-static, Anti-skid, Dual lock PU castors
Construction Epoxy powder coated steel frame
Removable Cushion Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial,leatherette with CFC free PU foam
Attachments Infusion stand, adjustable both sides
Hand rest movement Vertical & Horizontal movement and height adjustable
Weight Carrying Capacity 200 kg
Weight 75kg 80kg 85kg
Compliance IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, US-FDA
Electrical 220v-240v 50Hz, Single phase

Battery Backup (OPtional)