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Ultra Low Freezer

Ultra Low Deep Freezers (-86°)

REMI’s new range of ultra-low deep freezer is specially designed for faster temperature pull down & optimized cryopreservation. Highly sensitive microprocessor control ensures precise temperature management at -86°C

Salient Features
  • Efficient insulation with high core density reduces temperature loss
  • Optimized compressor run ensures energy efficiency
  • Hot line across the door assembly to prevent frost formation
  • Efficient dual refrigeration system ensures fast temperature pull down
  • Triplicate step silicon rubber gasket for complete insulation
  • Independent internal foamed doors
  • Seven day circular chart recorder for temperature recording
  • Audio Visual alarms for
    • Temperature high / low
    • Power failure (only visual)
    • Door Open
    • Compressor on (only visual)
    • Power on (only visual)
  • Settable points of
    • Temperature high / low
    • Adjustable temperature range
    • High / low temperature alarm point
  • Smart Handle :
    • Indication of door close with green light
    • Keylock & controls inner light
    • Indication of door open with blinking red
  • Clever Chip :Provides crucialbackup to maintain temperature in event of sensor failure
  • Port of CO2 backup (Optional)
  • Compatibility with REMI XS for wireless data logging

Touch Screen Display

  • 7″ Multicolored touch screen with user interface
  • Displays temp.a arms. date & time
  • Data logging vith multiple option & transfer via Ethernet, USS port
  • PLC (Programabte logic controller) with internal memory of 1500 records
  • Battery backup for display, alarms & off-line data logging
  • Password protected settings for system control & notifications
  • Onscreen access for data logs, temperature graph, system status.troubleshooting etc.
  • REMI ‘Datasoft’ software for generating various reports, SMS alerts & analysis Optionall
Technical Specifications
Particulars PDV 90 Ultra PDV 185 Ultra PDV 360 Ultra
Internal Volume(Liters) 90 185 360
No. of plasma bags 150 300 550
No. of trays 2 3 6
No. of Internal Door 2 2 4
Internal Dimension W x D x H (mm) 400 x 400 x 580 510 x 510 x 730 700 x 510 x 1000
External Dimension
W x D x H (mm)
710 x 877 x 1405 820 x 987 x 1560 1010 x 987 x 1830
Minimum Temperature (in AC Room) -86°C
Insulation (CFC free polyurethane foam) Body : 155 mm sides, 325 mm Back, Door : 110 mm
Temperature Control Microprocessor with PT-100 sensor
Display 7″ Touch Screen
Door Open Alarm Audio Visual Alarm in case door open for over one minute
Chart Recorder In-built 7 days circular chart recorder
Internal Body Material S.S. 304 (AISI Grade, Non Corrosive, Non Magnetic)
External Body Material Powder Coated CRCA Steel
Noise Level Less Than 65 db(A)
Battery Backup Rechargeable, Back Up 8 hrs (for alarm system & temperature recorder
Recommended Voltage Stablizer VS 05 VS 06
Electrical 220-240 volts, 50 Hz, SINGLE PHASE